Stray Sessions

by Vagabond Maurice

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Canned YumYum
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Canned YumYum Great beats and rhymes combined with an interesting theme for the whole tape.
Where's Session 1 though? Favorite track: Session 07 - 独眼竜 / Dokuganryū (One-Eyed Dragon) [Prod. by Leyone Tracks].
Christopher Harris
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Christopher Harris This was the track that made me blindly download the whole EP/LP. Favorite track: Session 07 - 独眼竜 / Dokuganryū (One-Eyed Dragon) [Prod. by Leyone Tracks].
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[Verse] Life as a star, drift from afar, we glistenin' Reflections of the world, I'm steady rockin' and listenin'/ So what's the mission? Standing in the third eyes' lobby Wonderin', when did freeing minds only become a hobby?/ Never weak. Breaking Adamantium with my own teeth. Biting my style? Breath of Fire dragon baring the fangs/ I'm baring the flames of Iron Fist, preparing to slay, Charlot harlots like Ogier the Dane/ Launch a lance a lot, Castle court of Camelot, Round table Knight, I'm cited as Ocelot - I mean, Sir Lancelot/ Ricochet shots like Ocelot, foes drop when reciting my prose, Inviting souls to the Slaughterhouse - how Crooked is your I (Eye): third/ A blind man feeling the texture of the world through the rhythm located within the air/ Told'em in braille, stay dots: one, two, four, five Music to a driveby. Instincts of Zatoichi/ Getting busy in the streets, sort of meek But I seek that inner glow, I'm searching for that inner truth/ Got more wisdom than the tooth, pursuit of happiness. Twelve jewels (Huh) I'm coppin' that Five Percenter/ Digable like the Planets, but I'm galaxy dancing Bouncing off the baseline, reckin' the mind, tryin' to incline, move with the stars/ Master of the Universe, reverse the reverb, spitting Kama Sutra's sensual to open up your Chakras/ Find me, rockin' with Lee, at the Eight Gates Nimble on my Nimbus, Son Goku, I got you/ Reading between my lines, you say you saw me coming? They must of told you braille.
[Introduction] Sharp Wind, Swift Dagger, God's Armor Amen [Verse 1] Heat seeking, catching missiles with the palm of my hands Be that kid, Vagabond, on the otherside of Shaolin Fist, middle finger tatted with Wu Tang Clan be the Fox Hound sound bound bouncing off that baseline Line rhymes in hieroglyphics, rap these raps wrapped in war drums Give me that war paint [Huh] Rocking the rhythm up top of the Opalesce, shinin' Super Sonic juking, from the precision of the lyrics They glisten like holographics [Huh] Hollow Bastion, blasting fire, Flame char Charizard, scar adversaries from afar, so far away from home that it smell like Nebula So I said to the sun, Tunnel vision, my vision encapsulating your spirit The spirit Urameshi getting messy Over them break beats, I'm breaking an arm Breaking them legs for the settlement Black excellence, Godbody to the syntax Go! [Chorus] You on point Vagabond? All the time Domo You on point Vagabond? Word is bond Domo. You on point Vagabond? To the sky, Domo. So on point, turn table needles are jealous You on point Vagabond? All the time Domo You on point Vagabond? Word is bond Domo. You on point Vagabond? To the sky, Domo. Then grab the mic and shed some of that insight [Verse 2] [Huh] Did Heaven sign him or something? The Devil grooving in the moonlight, trying to tease him like Gluttons Nothing will satisfy the hunger emanating from the abyss Come to exist, in the dissonance humbled in the distance I want to breach the skyline, one more time Bask in the spotlight, of the sunshine [Huh] Standing up dry in the pouring rain Graffe slain names, through the hieroglyphics in the night-time Quoting the cosmic bonds, between the Earth and the Stars From the Spirit to the Gods, rain fire from the chorus Singing the Book of the Five Rings, co-sign our divine reign [Yo] Meta-metaphors take flight like Meta-Knight Words, sparking that insight Swords, of spoken text, piggy-backed on Icarus we soaring Through the cadence of the universe, when I flip the verse Emcees disperse, with a So(ul) Amaziní blaze So sip wisdom, get lifted, so we can Dream! [Chorus] You on point Vagabond? All the time Domo You on point Vagabond? Word is bond Domo. You on point Vagabond? To the sky, Domo. So on point, turn table needles are jealous You on point Vagabond? All the time Domo You on point Vagabond? Word is bond Domo. You on point Vagabond? To the sky, Domo. Then grab the mic and shed some of that insight [Outro] Cuz I'm cool like dat [huh] I'm chill like dat [huh] I'm peace like dat [huh] I'm black like dat [huh] I'm funk like dat [huh] I'm jazz like dat [Huh] I love like dat [huh] I'm ghost
[Verse I] Funky Buddha on the canvas Carving enlightenment into the third eye (I'm) Striving through close calls and reaching the skyline Lines uglier than cursive chicken scratch or at least Craig Mac(k) This is the return of the [Huh] Jedi juking javelins, pivot when I kick it Bruce Lee when I spit it Shadow stance, shadow box, boxed in the Shadow of Colossi Sighs seized in wicked dreams weaved vivid Vagabond's on the horizon, can you see it? Terra five on the uprise fo(u)r, metaphor for Clear Souls sieging castles - we, Limits, Infinite, Game Genie Novelists So carve my sins in hieroglyphics [huh] Jazz be that heartbeat, so baptize me in break beats [Huh] anonymous, counting stars on the Opalesce Opposite glide when I cruise through the city with Sapphire rapid fire eyes. Blazing through the soul Afro Blue hues, misery in my whisky - set 'em up jack Jackal jacking cards from beneath your sleeve this be that: [Huh] Huey Newton blazing knowledge in that ink pen Fela Kuti getting groovy in an Afrobeat Kingdom / or, Vietnam spitting purple psalm to Boogie-Pop Phantoms [Chorus x2] 'Cause I'm the Emcee Eating up all of the Kimchi Washing it down with some Green Tea It’s a beautiful thing.Tea Leaf green hue Sky side, Sky time, Hero of the Sky Loft Rocking it when I be in your vicinity (Cause I'm) Drifting with the night-time dawn Shining brighter than the rising sun The morning star [Verse II] Say how you doing world? I'm on the scene, dropped the name "Flash Fiction" Now I'm "Vagabond" moving along with the Morning Star Line rhymes, from the design, incredible mind - smooth style Bout to be grooving in the rifts of one of these jazz tunes Consume the radiance. Second bloom of Seba Jun(e) Phoenix resurrected, so why would you second guess us now? A League of Gentle, Dudley rose throwing boxers I'm keeping it classy like a glass of Moscato Living my life's destiny, like a distant memory Clever styled poetry, annotated by the quotes of scholars Time ain't waiting for your two cents, twin sense Duo text held like twin swords, sparking that insight Like Miyamoto Musashi, they got me Spitting Sun Tzu tactics to make your back flip Heads or tails? Harvey Dent I'm cutting these threads like the Sisters of Fate 'Cause I'm [Reverse Chorus]
[Verse I] Speaker spell, boom box rocking the riddle of rhythms We dancing on the shoulders of Atlas when he shrugged Follow stutter-steps in Jazz rifts and boom gap Slow clap in the club, where souls are cleansed in the lens of ascending steps [Huh] Knuckle up, double dutch tempo'd piston stitched punch Jackie-Chan stunt, high dive from the skyline Fist of burgundy, urgently uncap the lock of my inner ki Whisper Sonic Boom sutras for the frequency Frequently, break beats, freak features in the rapture Capture crooks in they castles, complex conquest like Griffith and the Band of the Hawk (last light) Berserker in the armor slaying karma with a bastard sword Ante up my valor, adrift to Valhalla Power to your hustle, you're moving with blind intentions Intent is to shit out Picasso(s) with each ascension Did I mention the cosmos? (No) Well here's a dose of that / Jupiter Jazz magic love infatuated with the blues, a sucka in sync with the groove (Of, of) That Jupiter Jazz magic love, infatuated with the blues a sucka in sync with the groove, of baseline rift - slipped, busted my big ass lips in the shift of the universe The tides are turning, so, come with me [Chorus] So we can dream [Verse II] Blue wonder, asunder the crew under the thunder and breathe, wonder and plunder emcees, Kaldur’ahm to the cauldron Gohan to a Shogun “Nimble on my nimbus Son Goku, we got you” Smoking on the inner state, In an inner state of, searching for a fractured atlas Fuck a co-sign, I’m ghost writing for God and the universe, quote a verse while crate digging in the stars (Huh) Dusty five precent(er) when my interlude is glowing Taimak to the syntax, Sensei blending that insight The last Dragonite in sight, (Huh) So who's the master? Sho’nuff, I’m showing up with (Huh) Magic in my marker, Karma kamikaze spirit bomb, training in the hyperbolic rhyme, Chambers like Trigun, or Gundam Outlaw to the Star / line, Galactic to the Leyline Lay lines when I gotta Dream [Chorus]
[Verse I] Break bars, vernacular on the rise Skyline is clear, vision of Nasir Written on the tombstone, sling stones like Rock(et) Raccoon, weaponry from the moon / [Huh] Orbiting the satellites, Metaknight sparking beam swords Ignited dual wield, syntax when I collapse Vocal cords, absorbed like Parasite and Superman Bring your mans to witness the downfall of your crew Trinity beam, Tri force be my power Tien Shinhan when I switch hands and strike like / Ganondorf adorned in my enemy's jewelry / Affinity for, the Infinity Gauntlet, I got this Bumping music scales on stardust, my star must / Dance on the Milky Way, skate on God's tongue Godson in the ring, boxing in God's absence Catharsis by sunset, when the East is burning red (Look!) [Chorus] This for my mellow my man It’s like that, for my mellow my man My mellow my man, my mellow my man This for my mellow, my man Bringing that boom bap, straight back to that Jazz For my mellow my man [Verse II] Curve cursive penmanship, hold the pen like a swordsmen A wordsmith from the cosmos, harness comets when I spit Dialects off the Rictor, earthquakes from the tips of my fingers Toppling Ba Sing Se, so long live the Queen We shattering hierarchies in each pen stroke / Deathstroke, Wielding katana tongue blades, that's Uzumaki Rocking spiraling swords, drawn like, Deadpool breaking the fourth wall Crews crumble like Maria, I see ya, cower in my premises Dismember your sentences like, the Black Dahlia Dagger juggling jugulars Juggernaut, treading through a field of minds Isolated Psychonaut knocking knuckles on nebula Crew catch galactic fades, that's / Hokuto Shinken Fists of the North Star, predecessor 64 / Shintendo with the end game After I come to slay ya like… [Chorus] This for my mellow my man It’s like that, for my mellow my man My mellow my man, my mellow my man This for my mellow, my man Bringing that boom bap, straight back to that Jazz For my mellow my man
[Verse I: Vagabond Maurice] Oroku Saki to the Disc Jockey, Master Onion Chop Chop to the vinyl Cutting’em from the spinal – Tap, to the matt, suplex from the turn buckle (So on point, turntable needles are jealous) Chopping up syllables like switch blades to cocaine 80s, babies be the relic, I wasn’t emphatic enough So I headed to the Hyperbolic Rhyme Chamber Revolver loaded the text, enhanced by the truth I be that Humanoid Typhoon Tri-beam Mecca Vash Stampede, I’m bleeding for that groove Manifest your destiny, executing them vocal chords Spoke prose sonnet, netting asteroids and comets Belt of Orion discipline, skill of my rhyme Evident in our age gap, Golden Age rap, sacrifices suckas in the Eclipse – (Huh) Leave them adrift, within the abyss of fallen souls An Alchemist getting more, technical with the parables Variables, I “x” them out, like Zero did to X’s clone Welcome to the Terra Dome, cadence lifting the speakers Beat knocking like a tech-throw from Dhalsim Immortal Tech of Yoga Flame, spit fire like Avatar Roku Beneath Sozan’s comet, engaging in Mortal Kombat with an arsenal of Haiku. Got me, then I got you Double Dragon partnership, stance, check’em in Fool’s Mate This is the martial state where heroes are made by Saiyan fibers Optics like Cyclops, foresights like Sherlock Word to your mother The Ronin’s are making the moves not found in the gamer’s – (Huh) Optics like Cyclops, foresights like Sherlock Word to your mother, the Ronin’s making the moves not found in the Gamer’s Manual / and that’s [Bridge] One time for your mind, one time (Yo, whatever!) One time for your mind, one time (Yo, whatever) [Chorus] ONSOL, I plan to save your fucking frequency (x2) ONSOL, I plan to save your frequency, From the micro transmitters they injected In ya’ll energy


released January 21, 2015


all rights reserved


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