Kerberos Meteor Showers, Pt. 1 (feat. Leyone Tracks) [Prod. by Emperor Bohe]

by Vagabond Maurice

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Vagabond Maurice
Kerberos Meteor Showers, Pt 1
Feat. Leyone Tracks
Prod. by Emperor Bohe


Keep my record spinning
like a Hyuuga in rotation /
My matrix, is the mic check,
of Goku, when I roll through /

[Verse I: Leyone Tracks]
it's never glorious if it wasn't laborious,
immediately emerging victorious
is merely onlookers being swept into euphoria,
cuz everybody wants something to tell a story of,
like you would the know the half, in fact,
I know the past so well that some of my homies only photographs,
in stacks, seeing mostly horizons like giraffes,
life is really too fast, aimed to cut your whole Achilles in half,
and everything you have is contingent upon a mission,
knowing the difference between possession and acquisition,
and still having enough compassion to match your ammunition,
back it up back it up, its my straight jacket you jackin up,
it takes growth to decide to stand in a man's position,
so it's what the heck when life and death come into effect,
I just hope when they spin my records I'm gonna get respect
and they think of me, instantly and instinctively,
I exhale the air in me with transparency and do it carefully,
I only speak in existence what there should be,
change the severity from perilous to parody,
doesn't mean there ain't danger necessarily, barely,
for the love or hell of it, we embark on this delicate,
process of turning all this knowledge to progress,
and leaving all the nonsense demolished,
I never waste what god has accomplished,
I prod and I polish

Keep my record spinning
like a Hyuuga in rotation /
My matrix, is the mic check,
of Goku, when I roll through /

[Verse II: Vagabond Maurice]
Afro blown shows, we Coast to coast
Cruising the scene, wielding our dreams
King of Kings, sculpting lightning /
Watch it strike twice, while breathing wonder/
Exhale imagination as I tore through thunder/
I've either saw my ether inspire those in free verse /
Or seen my aura orbit the universe in its transfer /
I've seen my seams, cut from the strings, of disillusion /
To emanate my voodoo through those ultra light beams /
Gleam, my inner blues / surreal, my tapestries /
I dream, in watercolor / reveal, my inner hues /
Pursue, the open knowledge / and those, wedged in books /
I spiral through low notes, while I, space float/
As a Shaolin warrior, only Built 4 Cuban Linx/
Mental holy temple established in tabernacles /
Dismantling the industry from their common links / (Huh)
Dwelling in the residence of, my soul's channel / (I'm)
Handling my / Melanin signs /
Protest the times, they taxing the mind /
We flip the design, they asinine /
We turning the tides / Pedaling elements /
Intimate with, the Afro beat, of our /
Ancestors / (I'm)
Dismantling legacies, tend to be /
Hearing the, cosmos's energy /
Synergy, sending me, through /
Funkadelic Parliaments /
Re-imagining my demons with a full head
Of halos /

Keep my record spinning
like a Hyuuga in rotation /
My matrix, is the mic check,
of Goku, when I roll through /


released February 25, 2018
Rhymes by Vagabond Maurice
Instrumental by Emperor Bohe
Feature by Leyone Tracks
Artwork by Pomekon
Recorded at Second Bedroom Studio


all rights reserved


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