Midnight Spirit Bomb [Prod. by Emperor Bohe]

by Vagabond Maurice

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Vagabond Maurice
Midnight Spirit Bomb
Prod. By Emperor Bohe


“The average bounce meter for this Emperor Bohe production will be in the area of 97 BMP.
We hope that you will find our presentation precise, bass heavy, and just right.”

Hands up for that Spirit Bomb
Hands up for that Spirit Bomb
Hands up for that Spirit Bomb
Hands up for that Spirit Bomb
We be to Rap, what key be to lock
(We be to Rap, what key be to lock)
We be to Rap, what key be to lock
(We be to Rap, what key be to lock)

[Verse I]
Vagabond's moving with the clouds in the sky/
Moon walking over stardust /
Saw the truth, spoke alchemy into existence /
Ouroboros Revolution, renewing my vision, so I / (Huh)
Acknowledge the knowledge, wielding genius like a Phoenix /
Meaning / Intellect is heaven sent / Bloom /
Twice through the ash, like a Lotus flower stitched from /
Dragon teeth / Cosmos and Planetary bodies/
(So who am I?)
The composition writer / Ghost, touting off the sky /
Natural high / Drinking tea with the universe /
Toast with the cosmos / Tossing Molotovs in the calm of the storm /
Inner peace on a higher echelon, arrive in a zone / where,
Enlightenment is / Black magic in motion /
Black poetry coasting / on a pilgrimage /
In a sea of blending dreams / while they steady seeing me /


[Verse II]
Kumite specialist, levitate on Leviathans /
Meditate on holy sutras, penning my future /
Afro-futurist, with infinite mind shifts /
My rhymes be, hieroglyphs, just /
Painting the city crimson /
Dim Mak to, time stop, your writer's block /
My limitless chi, pierce emcees, till they bleed /
There's blood on the wall, mirroring a canvas of swords / like,
Goemon, shifting shogun's heads from shoulders / I'm,
Shouldering the universe, shrugging worlds like Atlas /
Planetary axis, watching paradigms / tilt /
Swing blades from the hilt, swing like, Ellington /
Soul elevator my nature, my Alchemy /
Exists, with spirits when pouring Hennessey / (Huh)
Red Lotus poet, deciphering my dreams / (Huh)
Swallow wisdom in psalms, till I can breathe/ As a,
Breath of fire writer wielding flames of the last dragon /


[Bridge, “Message from Kyd Wah Lee]
Yo, you’re spazzing right now, boi
Watching Icarus Fly, nigga!
That’s that motherfuckin’ joint, boi
Look man, keep it up, man – uhhh
I’mma need you to call my phone ASAP man
Because you slaughtering the game right now, b
And look man, if you want to just add this shit
To one of your albums, nigga
That would be AMAZING
Because you COLD AS SHIT
You need to give these nigga’s WHAT THEY WANT
Give them what they want man
I’mma holla at you later, man
The people waiting
It’s your time, boy

[Verse III]
I've been patiently waiting the moment that I can blow /
Study the craft, master the form, to glow /
Illuminate frequencies, hold, the tempo / in lunacy /
I’m carving out my path with the fangs of a Dragon /
Writing with the voodoo penmanship, stands in infamy /
Pen game transcending the laws of Alchemy /
Time traveling, snatching the crown, to ascend / (Huh)
Monk moving on tight ropes and chronographs / (My)
Soul ascend, my solstice, is Sozin’s Comet /
Found in Buddha’s breath, I bend my magic /
To split sonnets with every pocket / (I’m a)
Walking affirmation counting constellations /
Mantra moving mountains while I count my patience /
Meditate by rivers for a clearer vision /
Walking over time, ten thousand hour foot steps /
Got my mind, shifting the universe thought /

[Chorus / Outro]


released March 25, 2018
Rhymes by Vagabond Maurice
Instrumental by Emperor Bohe
Artwork by Fxther Kari
Additional Vocals by hyesoo
Voicemail by Kyd Wah Lee
Recorded at Second Bedroom Studio


all rights reserved


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